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Quality & Excellence

The aim of our clinical governance framework is to continually monitor the quality of our services to ensure they meet both our regulatory requirements and our ethos of excellence:

  • Ensuring quality and regulatory standards are achieved and maintained
  • Review and investigation of substandard performance
  • Driving continuous improvement
  • Ensuring delivery of best practice
  • Identifying and managing risks to the quality of care and services

All our registered centres undergo a registration inspection by the independent healthcare regulators (Care Quality Commission) to ensure that the quality and safety of services meet the required standards of care. In addition, ongoing inspections are undertaken and where these have taken place, full reports are made available on our website.

Professional Standards

Our services are planned and delivered in line with the requirements of healthcare regulators, professional bodies and national and international best practice. This means that we have policies and processes in place to ensure the quality and safety of services.

We continually monitor our services through a planned programme of multidisciplinary audit, auditing against regulatory requirements and themed audits which include Recruitment, Safety, Equality & Diversity, Privacy & Dignity, Clinical Care, Professional Standards and Patient Confidentiality.
We listen to patient feedback through satisfaction surveys and comments and report on our findings through our Quality Governance Committees.

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